Part 8: Tug of Words: Season 1 (GSN)

Tug of Words: Season 1 (GSN)

Tug of Words is a upcoming game show based on the playground game Tug-O-War, that sees teams of two completing a series of word-clue questions

Based on the playground game Tug-O-War, teams of two compete to answer word-clue questions correctly and pull the flag on the tug of war rope to their side.

About Tug of Words
From the producing team behind “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” Tug of Words is a fast-paced game where two teams compete to answer word clue questions correctly and pull the flag on the “tug of war rope” to their side.
In round one, each answer involves changing a single letter in the word that appears on the board. For example, with ‘TUG’ on the board, the answer to the clue ‘a label inside a garment’ is ‘TAG,’ and with ‘TAG’ then on the board, the answer to the clue ‘hopefully the upstairs neighbors aren’t learning this dance’ is ‘TAP.’ With each round, an additional letter is added creating four and five letter words to solve.
The team with the flag on their side after three rounds wins the game, qualifying them for the bonus round where they have opportunity to compete for $10,000.

About Game Show Network
Game Show Network is the leader in game show entertainment, offering original and classic game programming and competitive entertainment via its 75-million subscriber television network.
Game Show Network has been entertaining audiences for nearly 25 years, and is the premiere destination for fun, family-friendly programming.

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